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We’ve put together a list of anime’s most loved waifus from hundreds of different animes. While our list is subjective, we’re sure you’ll find your waifu here. If you don’t let us know and we’ll add her to our list of top anime waifus. If you’re looking to fall in love with a new 2D anime girl, then let our list guide you to pure anime bliss. We’ve filtered your favorite waifus by hair color and will be adding more categories in the very near future.


The pink-haired anime girls are the craziest. Here are our favorite pink-haired waifus.

milim nava slime anime
Yuno Gasai Face

Loyal to the very end and loves Yukitero more than the world.

Noone has a crazier idea of love than her.

No other anime character has made us question the meaning of humanity as hard.

Inori Face

She’s smart and strong. Perfect waifu material.

It’s Madoka Magica, if you like magical girls you know her.

Moka Rosario Vampire

The cuter half of her 2 personalities.

Jibril Yandere Face

Crazy pink hair girls make the craziest faces.

Zero Two Smiling

The main girl from Darling In The Franks and can be very scary.

Monster Musame Miia

2nd only to Papi.


If pink hair anime girls are crazy, black hair girls are pretty mindful. Shy and timid at first but will do subtle things to show their love.

Mai Sakurajima foot

The most in your face but loveable bunny girl in a show not about bunny girls.

Hinata Hyuga Face

She loved Naruto as a kid and married him decades later.

Mei Aihara Citrus

She’s from 1 of the saddest yuri anime love stories you can watch.

Ruri Gokou Face

If you like her, you like her.

Nico Yazawa Face

You know the nico nico nee meme, she’s the one.

Suzune Horikita Face

A dedicated girl with the goal of getting into the top class of her school.

Fate Rin Face

She commands archer in the Fate series.

Mio Akiyama Face

1 of the cutest anime girls on this list from a classic anime.

Shizu face

Our top pick for best black hair waifu!


Our blonde waifus seem to be pretty tough. Just like our pink hair waifus, they can be a little crazy.

Fate Saber Face

The wielder of Excalibur and the poster girl of the Fate franchise.

Kaori Miyazono Face

The violin playing sweetheart from Your Lie In April.

Lucy Fair Tale Face

The only relevant girl in Fairy Tale. Sorry guys.

Irina Jelavic

She’s the teacher every boy wishes they had.

Junko Enishima Face

The psychotic but alluring lead of Danganronpa.


Hideri Kanzaki Trap face

If you’re into trap anime, Hideri is 1 of the first ones you think of.

Hime from Himegoto

The cutest but most accidental entry into this category is Hime. Himegoto is a must-watch.

totsuka saika face

Some of the funniest interactions in anime involve him.

ruka steins gate face

Our top pick from Steins Gate after the lovely Kurisu.

We hope you found your waifu on our list. We will try to update this list as often as we can with the best girls of the season. Why settling for 3-D girls when you can have 2-D waifus.

We will be constantly adding to this list, so if you don’t see your waifu here wait a little bit and she might appear.

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