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Aired: Jan 9, 2019 to Jun 26, 2019

Author: Aneko Yusagi
Genre: Isekai / Adventure
Premiered: Winter 2019
Studio: Kinema Citrus

In another world there is a prophecy that involves 4 heros saving the world from calamity. Each hero can only use 1 type of weapon: sword, bow, spear and shield. Calamity struck the country of Melromarc and they barely survived the first of 4 waves of Calamity. To prepare for the next wave, the 4 heroes have been summoned from other worlds.

Of the 4 heroes, 1 is not liked by the citizens of Melromarc, the shield hero. Even the nobility in the country set up the shield hero to have a hard time in the new world he was summoned to. After being falsely accused the shield hero finds his own way to fight and survive.

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What We Think Of The Rising Of The Shield Hero

**Warning spoilers ahead**

Of all the Winter 2019 anime, The Rising Of The Shield Hero is 1 of our favorites here at The Anime Index. The series started off with some controversy but after watching it every week it has become the goto Isekai anime this year.

Watching Naofumi get past the struggle and discrimination from the king of Melromarc, we get forced into feeling bad for him and hating the kings daughter, Malty, for setting him up. We don’t think we have hated a character as much as we hate Malty in the last few years of watching anime.

Naofumi doesn’t come off like the usual dunce in harem anime despite being surrounded by cute girls. He is relatable and likeable. Even though the country hates him after being falsely asccused, he doesn’t do anything evil. He does what he can to survive and gains money by becoming a merchant and fighting monsters.

The series is currently ongoing but as of writing this, The Rising Of The Shield Hero is definetly an anime we can recommend if you enjoy the Isekai genre or anime like That Time I Was Reincarnated As A Slime and Re: Zero. We will be sure to update this page as the anime progresses.

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