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Aired: Jan 10, 2019 to Mar 26, 2021

Author: Posuka Demizu
Genre: Psychological / Horror
Premiered: Winter 2019
Studio: CloverWorks

An orphanage raising both boys and girls to live happily with each other and their caretaker “mama.” The children are happy until 1 night the two oldest children learn that the orphanage has a very dark truth.

The orphanage is really a farm for human brains and no child is ever adopted. After learning the secret of the orphanage, the children plan to escape and outwit mom.

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Our Chosen Best Girl

isabella the promised neverland

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What We Think Of The Promised Neverland

**Warning spoilers ahead**

The Promised Neverland was our favorite anime of Winter 2019. Going into this anime blind made the experience so much more chilling, especially the first episode. The series got us at The Anime Index hooked right off the bat with horror and suspense.

As we were introduced to Norman, Emma, and Ray, each character felt relatable in their own way. Norman being the calm, critical thinker. Emma being caring and passionate while being athletic, and Ray being the book smart one. The 3 of them combined came up with a plan to escape the farm and outwit mom.

Ray’s self-sacrificing plan was a complete shock to us, it was “lit.” Ray’s plan to help Emma and the other children escape by sacrificing himself by dousing himself in gasoline and lighting a fire was not at all what we expected. We are glad Ray didn’t die thanks to Emma putting Normans plan into action. Each of the characters in The Promised Neverland have such unique personalities that work so well with each other. The series doesn’t push themes like friendship and instead focus on logical thinking, and that is something we love about the anime.

The ending of The Promised Neverland ties up all the loose ends and fills in a lot about Ray and Momma. We didn’t expect Ray to be Momma’s biological child and seeing Momma smile after the children escape makes her feel more human. Her character is not just a character that we will only find in anime. In real life there are hundreds of people that are similar to Momma that are just as scary, making her a character that reminds us of people in the real world.

The suspense in each episode of The Promised Neverland is something that isn’t matched by many other anime titles. The Promised Neverland is a masterpiece and you should definitely give this anime a go.

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