If you’re a fan of horror anime, then you might’ve heard of possibly the best horror anime to be released in 2021, Mieruko Chan.

Of all the anime titles released up until the release of Mieruko Chan, very few have lived up to the level of horror and unsettling imagery that is a common occurrence in Mieruko Chan. The anime is able to instill feelings of horror and discomfort in a way that other anime’s have not yet attempted.

The anime starts by showing us a girl that suddenly gains the ability to see ghosts and spiritual beings.

While this sounds like a blessing to most of us, for the main character of Mieruko Chan it is a living nightmare. Out of fear of what the ghosts will do if she acknowledges them, the main character of this anime decides to stay quiet and ignore the ghosts that she sees. This leads to the ghosts becoming scarier throughout the anime and the situations she sees them in even more unexpected and terrifying.

Imagine waking up and looking under the blanket to find a severed head of a ghost looking back at you asking if you can see it.

How would you react to that?

In Mieruko Chan, that exact situation occurs. We won’t spoil how the main character of the anime handles seeing this ghost, but we will say that it is far from the most uncomfortable part of the show.

Watching Mieruko Chan is like living in another person’s body in the way that you can feel every stressful situation the cast of the anime find themselves in. Nowhere is safe from the supernatural ghosts, not even the bathroom.

This anime gives you a sense of fear that no other anime can. Its terrifying monsters are the perfect opposite to the best friend of the main character and the anime’s overall cute “kawaii” visual aesthetic.

Mieruko Chan’s cute highschool art style combined with the grotesque and revolting ghosts creates a sense of discomfort that the writers at The Anime Index struggle to describe. If you’ve played Doki Doki Literature Club, that same sense of fear can be felt watching Mieruko Chan.

So if you’ve been looking for the best horror anime to watch from all the anime titles that were released in 2021 then take some time to watch Mieruko Chan! After just 1 episode of watching our favorite horror anime, we’d bet that you’re just as excited for the story as we are.