“Star Wars: Visions” is a brand-new show coming to Disney+ on September 22nd, 2021. It’s focused on individual stories within the Star Wars universe, each episode being its own story without any mandatory ties to the main universe. This is something Star Wars fans have been wanting for a while as in the past with Star Wars, fans were given plenty of media with different stories in the Star Wars universe from “Knights of The Old Republic” to “Star Wars: Legends”.

The biggest thing that will throw Star Wars fans off yet excite them is the animation style, as each episode is created and animated by a Japanese studio, which means an official Star Wars anime is coming to the Disney+ streaming platform! Let’s go over some background information about the upcoming Disney+ anime and give you our first impressions on the “Star Wars: Visions” trailer!

As with any trailer, they can sometimes contain spoilers, so we’ve created two articles with our impressions. One with potential spoilers for the show based on the trailer and one spoiler-free.

Check out our Star Wars Visions Spoiler-Free Trailer Impressions article if you’d like to stay spoiler-free.

How was Star Wars: Visions Developed

With the development of “Star Wars: Visions” came a lack of restrictions. Each studio was given plenty of creative control with the IP. Star Wars: Visions does not have to fit into the Star Wars timeline, yet it can if the studio chose to do so. Each studio was given complete control to use the IP and create a mini-story however they chose, and that’s extremely exciting to hear for an anime.

Star Wars: Visions being developed by Japanese anime studios is exciting on another level that most won’t think about. The lightsaber fighting styles were influenced by Japanese sword skills, which George Lucas himself confirmed as he was very interested in Samurai movies and wanted to directly integrate that into his universe. “Star Wars: Visions” being created by these large Japanese animation studios means we’ll get to see exactly what George Lucas was imagining in his head when it came to lightsaber combat.

Who Developed Star Wars: Visions

7 studios were involved in creating the episodes for the upcoming “Star Wars: Visions”.

  1.     Kamikaze Douga – CreatedThe Duel
  2.     Product IG – CreatedThe Ninth Jedi
  3.     Studio Colorido CreatedTatooine Rhapsody” (Subsidiary ofTwin Engine”)
  4.     Trigger – CreatedThe TwinsandThe Elder
  5.     Kinema Citrus – CreatedThe Village Bride
  6.     Geno StudioCreatedLop and Ochō” (Subsidiary ofTwin Engine”)
  7.     Science Saru – CreatedAkakiriandT0-B1

The studios that created the “Star Wars: Visions” episodes created their own episodes that don’t tie into each other, disregarding episodes created by the same studios. Each of these studios has fantastic anime in their portfolio that we’re sure you’ve heard of.

Kamikaze Douga JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure and Ninja Batman

Product IG – Over 400 Anime from Attack on Titan to Kuroko’s Basketball

Studio ColoridoA Whisker Away and Burn the Witch

TriggerKill La Kill and Darling in the FranXX

Kinema Citrus The Rising of the Shield Hero and Black Bullet

Geno StudioGolden Kamuy and Kokkoku

Science SaruDevilman: Crybaby and Ride Your Wave

Does The Star Wars: Visions Trailer Contain Spoilers

Slightly. We recommend avoiding the trailer if you’d rather be exposed to the combat and story entirely blind. The trailer shows many different instances of combat and story but none that could be considered major spoilers.

Anime often has erratic action sequences, so showing a 1-second clip of a combat scene will not spoil the entire action sequence. Alongside that, each episode is its own story, and the trailer shows clips from each story, so working out which episode it’s a spoiler for won’t be possible unless you pay close attention when you view the show.

We personally hate spoilers; we do our best to avoid them. The trailer for “Star Wars: Visions” doesn’t seem to have much that would ruin our viewing but that can change from person to person.

WARNING. Our impressions on the trailer comes up next so if you’ve changed your mind and would like a spoiler-free trailer impression, check out our Star Wars Visions Spoiler-Free Trailer Impressions article.

Star Wars: Visions Trailer Impressions With Potential Spoilers

After watching the trailer for “Star Wars: Visions” over and over, we can safely say that we’re excited to see this show and will be watching as soon as we can. The trailer opens with a transcript about a warrior coming to a village and leaving something powerful in the trusted hands of the village’s ancestors. The “powerful” item is a Kyber crystal, which if you’re unaware, is the crystal placed within a lightsaber to give them their power. They’re power crystals that Jedi must go through a trial to attain.

That alone is exciting to see. A brand-new lightsaber wielder who has no knowledge of combat but must learn how to fight. That alone is great because there’s now a possibility we’ll see lightsaber combat forms such as Soresu (Form used by Obi-Wan Kenobi) or Djem So (Form used by Anakin Skywalker).

For “Star Wars: Visions”, The studios were given a lot of creative control, so we could see a brand-new fighting style altogether or a new hybrid of two different forms!

We’re then thrown into scenes of lightsaber combat which ends with a force user stopping a lightsaber from coming down onto his head with his hands and The Force. We got a glimpse of The Force being used in power manners to protect oneself in “Empire Strikes Back” and “The Force Awakens” yet seeing a Force user stop a lightsaber will always have us mesmerized.

We also get a glimpse of a scene very reminiscent of the scene in “The Force Awakens” with a Force user stopping a blaster bolt mid-air from hitting her then throwing it back at her opponent. We see Stormtroopers as well but in a different outfit than usual. New lightsabers are shown with different hilts, which has us believing more and more that we’ll get to see brand-new lightsaber combat.

Without getting too descriptive, we are extremely excited for this anime from this trailer alone. We don’t want to go too far into detail, we suggest you watch it for yourself and enjoy!

We’re very excited about this show and can’t wait to view it. With all the new combat that’s sure to arise and great character designs, mixed with visiting locations both old and new, it’s sure to be a thrill. We’ll be sharing our thoughts on the show as soon as it’s released since we’ll be watching it the second it comes out! Thanks for reading, anime fans!