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Aired: Apr 9, 2019 to Jul 2, 2019

Author: ONE
Genre: Action / Comedy
Premiered: Spring 2019
Studio: J.C. Staff

One Punch Man Season 2 continues where the first season left off. Saitama, the hero for fun, is still looking for an opponent that he can feel challenged by.

Season 2 of One Punch Man introduces new characters, one of them being King, the main praised as the strongest hero. Although he is just an ordinary guy that happened to get all the attention following the events of season 1.

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What We Think Of One Punch Man Season 2

**Warning spoilers ahead**

We will say it quick, One Punch Man’s second season is not as good as the first season but it isn’t that bad. The first season set the bar pretty high and now that our favorite bald hero anime is being animated by a different studio, some changes in animation can’t be helped.

The series doesn’t feel too different so we won’t complain too much about the animation style because it isn’t that bad, in our opinion it is pretty average. What this season of One Punch Man does right is the way it introduces and hypes of the season’s new main villain Garou.

We are introduced to the hero hunter Garou early on in the series and we also learn that there are people onto Saitama, primarily those in the Heroes Association. Garou, in particular, is shown to be a monster of a human with enough power to compete with S class heroes. The anime builds a lot of hype around him by having him trash a room full of A class heroes and villains as well as take down an S class hero without much of a problem.

We aren’t just given a new villain in the newest season on One Punch Man, but we also get a new hero. A man regarded as the strongest hero, King. The truth is that he is weak and cowardly and has been taking credit for all the monsters that Saitama defeated. He puts a different take on what it means to be a hero and contrasts to being a real-world celebrity. The fame gets to him and to others he is a tough and strong hero but he knows he really is a fraud.

The addition of King to the One Punch Man character lineup has made the series more interesting since Saitama never takes credit for the monsters he defeats. This season of One Punch Man feels a lot more emotional than the first season of the anime and we can feel Saitama’s emotions in several scenes, especially when he says that he forgot how the thrill of a real fight.

For fans of the first season on One Punch Man, there is still a lot of action and some of our favorite heroes returning like Genos and Sonic. If you liked the first Season of One Punch Man, then the second season is definitely worth watching.

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