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Aired: Apr 9, 2014 to Jun 25, 2014

Author: Yuu Kamiya
Genre: Isekai / Fantasy / Adventure
Premiered: Spring 2014
Studio: Madhouse

The unknown video game legends known to others as “Blank” are a dynamic brother and sister duo. Older brother Sora is a social shut-in accompanied by his younger sister Shiro. They are both geniuses but have no interest in their homeworld.

After winning yet another online tournament, the two get a mysterious invite to play chess. The siblings win the game and they get transported to “the world of games.” A world where everything is decided by playing games and being caught cheating is prohibited.

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What We Think Of No Game No Life

**Warning spoilers ahead**

Until the release of That Time I was Reincarnated As A Slime, No Game No Life was our number 1 favorite isekai anime. No Game No Life is a perfect anime for a seasoned otaku. There are so many references to other anime titles hidden in No Game No Life. If you’re looking for another anime like no game no life then you should watch Konosuba.

The number of references in No Game No Life was enough to stop it from getting a second anime season because of copyright problems with other anime. Despite this, No Game No Life shows the epic gamer moments that every gamer wants to be a part of.

Watching Sora and Shiro challenge the world just made us at The Anime Index excited about seeing what the siblings would do to counter the rampant cheating from the other races in order to save imanity, the human race.

No Game No Life is definitely an anime we can recommend because of how quickly Sora and Shiro love the new world they are in, and watching them use logic to beat magic felt empowering.

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