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Aired: Apr 3, 2016 – Currently On-Going

Author: Kohei Horikoshi
Genre: Action / School
Premiered: Spring 2016
Studio: Bones

In a world where everyone has superpowers, quirks, everyone wants to become a professional hero. Only a small portion of society does not have a quirk, 1 of them being Midoriya Izuku.

After meeting his life long idol All Might, the worlds greatest hero, Midoriya does a heroic act and All Might decides that he is worthy of inheriting his own quirk.

Accepting All Might’s quirk, Midoriya trains and enrolls in the most prestigious hero academy, U.A. Here he learns to use his power to fight villains and discover the true meaning of being a hero.

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What We Think Of My Hero Academia

**Warning spoilers ahead**

My Hero Academia helps us at The Anime Index remember what it feels like to be a little kid again, just wishing you could be a superhero. The evolution of quirks and how they are achieved feels like it may 1 day be possible for us. In a way, Midoriya is just like us, powerless but always wishing that we had the power to do more.

The way Midoriya and Bakugo interact reminds us of childhood friends always competing to do better than 1 another. In the case of these 2, Bakugo was always better until Midoiya inherited All Might’s quirk. Midoriya’s sudden ability to use a quirk scared Bakugo and made him question if all this time he was being made fun of by Midoiya. Seeing Bakugo question their past out of frustration is relatable to anyone who was ever used to being on top. He was the top of their school and was the top scorer at the U.A entrance exam.

While we here at The Anime Index watched My Hero Academia and got to see the difficulty and risk that comes with being a pro-hero. When the League of Villains attacked U.A. we got to see the power of All Might and the other pro heroes. Even though All Might was weakened, he was able to defeat Nomu and drive away Tomura. At that moment him and the other heroes and students of U.A. shined with heroism.

Watching My Hero Academia makes you root for the heroes to defeat the villains but puts you on edge wondering what the villains will do next. The anime pushes the idea of justice over evil in a different way than other animes do. We highly recommend you watch My Hero Academia because of its fantastic animation, brilliant story, and character development.

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