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Aired: Apr 10, 2019 to Jun 26, 2019

Author: Tsuyoshi Yoshioka
Genre: Isekai / Fantasy
Premiered: Spring 2019
Studio: Silver Link

After dying in an accident, Shin Wolford is reborn as a baby in a new world with the memories of his past life. As a baby he was adopted by the well known wizard and sage Merlin, who decided to raise him as his own grandson.

Shin learned a lot from Merlin about magic and had so much magic potential that Merlin taught him as much as he could. Of all the things that Merlin taught Shin, he forgot to teach him 1 important thing…common sense.

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What We Think Of Magi’s Grandson

**Warning spoilers ahead**

Magi’s Grandson, also translating to the Wise Man’s Grandson is Spring 2019’s top isekai anime. The series takes a different approach and gets rid of the thing that defined anime for several years, shouting their attack names.

The main character Shin Wolford died in his home world and reincarnated as a baby in a new world where he was adopted by Merlin. Merlin taught him how to use magic and Shin’s knowledge from his previous life helped him create very powerful magic spells.

When he first enrolls at the magic academy and sees the other students chanting he thinks that he is at the circus. He has never called out his attacks or chanted before using magic so seeing this was new to him. This is what sets the Magi’s Grandson apart from other anime. There may not be the same hype when a character uses their most powerful attacks but the series has beautiful animation that emphasizes Shin’s attacks anyway.

While watching Magi’s Grandson, it was hard to look away. The anime requires you to stay focused on the series, especially during the fighting scenes. In a way, Shin is a relatable character. He came from a world with no magic and is ashamed of shouting out the names of his spells. In no way is Shin dumb, he is a smart and resourceful guy that just wants to protect his friends.

We recommend that you watch the Magi’s Grandson if you are a seasoned anime veteran. It will be a refreshing new take on shonen and isekai anime that we at The Anime Index enjoyed.

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