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2019 anime is off to a great start. We got this season’s best girl Raphtalia from The Rising of The Shield Hero and a crazy escape story from the children in The Promised Neverland. Here are the anime we recommend you watch this season in each genre.


The Rising Of The Shield Hero Banner

The latest take on the Isekai (other world) genre. Naofumi was transported into another world after finding a strange book. He was summoned along side 3 others to save the world from a wave of monsters threatening to destroy everything. Unlike the other 3 heroes that were summoned from their own worlds, Naofumi has no clue what to do and has no offensive abilities. It feels like the whole world is against him and he takes a different path than the other three heroes.

A Promised Neverland

The Promised Neverland is a series we didn’t have very high expectations from at the start. Three episodes in and we were hooked. The series follows 3 eleven year old kids that learn a dark truth about the orphanage they grew up in. The dark truth forces them to plan an escape with all the other children and they only a short time until the next child is taken from the orphanage.


Kaguya Sama: Love Is War Banner

The two most powerful students at Shuchiin Academy, Kaguya, the vice president of the student council and Shirogane, the president have fallen in love with each other. The catch is that they both refuse to tell the other person about their feelings. They each have 1 goal, to make the other person confess.

Date A Live Season 3

Date A Live is back for its third season. It may not be 100% romance but we can’t get enough of date a live. A series where the only way to save the world is by making angry spirits fall in love.


A Promised Neverland

We said it already, The Promised Neverland is such a great anime that explores the mystery and horror genre. Even the first episode left us at the edge of our seats, and for the first time in a long time actually feeling scared while watching anime.

Future Diary

This was one of the most confusing anime I have ever watched. The story is presented to you out of order and it is your job to piece everything together. It is a masterpiece of a psychological anime that explores the afterlife.


Dororo Hyakkimaru

Dororo is a young boy with no family doing anything to survive, including thievery. His actions lead him into trouble but he gets saved by a mysterious man with swords for arms. Gratious to him, Dororo follows him after seeing him kill a demon. Each demon that the man kills he slowly becomes more human, taking back the body that was stolen from him at birth.

Mob Psycho 100 II

Mob Psycho is back for its second season. Mob Psycho came from the same writer as One Punch Man so it has a lot to love up to. The second season of Mob Psycho 100 dives deeper into Mob’s character progression and his journey through puberty. One thing that we missed from season one was the epic fight scenes and Reigen Arataka.

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