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Aired: Oct 10, 2011 to Apr 16, 2012

Author: Sakae Esuno
Genre: Psychological / Mystery
Premiered: Fall 2011
Studio: Asread

Social outcast Yukiteru Amano is 1 day granted the ability to see the future through a diary he keeps on his cell phone. With this new power, he begins to excel in school and his life has started to turn around for the better.

His happiness is shortlived once he recieves a notice that he will be murdered. Turns out there are others with the ability to see the future and their goal is to kill others with the power but 1 person has their own reasons for helping Yukiteru Amano survive.

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What We Think Of Future Diary

**Warning spoilers ahead**

We know this series is very hit or miss with most people. Some people hate this anime and others love it. Future Diary is 1 of our favorite (and my personal favorite) anime ever created. It combines many different genres and is a rollercoaster of emotions.

Yuno Gasai’s feelings for Yukiteru are both scary and heart warming and after episode 3, the entire series takes a drastic turn. What we thought would be a dynamic, romantic duo between Yuno and Yuki gets crushed as Yuki’s trust in Yuno is gone in an instant after seeing her dead parent’s bodies hidden in her house.

Yukiteru’s character development is like no other. He goes from a scared, anti-social, loner to a cold-blooded killer that still holds human values and cares about the lives of others.

The ways that the 12 diary holders plan to eliminate each other are unique and thought out to the point we couldn’t help but keep watching. Despite the controversy about the ending of Future Diary, we can’t help but love the final scene when Yuno and Yuki’s share their last kiss before Yuno dies. The series ending was good but you 100% should watch the OVA to see the happy ending of the couple whos love lasted through different worlds.

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