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Aired: Apr 6, 2019 to Apr 5, 2021

A remake to the 2001 series, Fruits Basket. 16 year old girl Tohru lives on her own in a tent after her mother died. She lives a happy life and goes to school like a normal girl but 1 day a classmate finds out and her tent is destroyed.

Tohru needs a place to live so she moves in with her classmate Yuki Souma. She quickly learns that the Souma family has a secret as well. They can transform into animals from the Chinese Zodiac.

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Our Chosen Best Girl

Tohru Honda Smiling Face

She’s the sweetest girl in the anime. Pure, innocent, and kind-hearted.

What We Think Of Fruits Basket (Remake)

**Warning spoilers ahead**

The animation for the 2019 remake of Fruits Basket is beautiful. The series may be old but the story is beyond great. Everything we loved about the original series has been redone in the Spring 2019 anime season.

In addition to an updated animation style, Fruits Basket has also received a new opening song, Again, by Beverly. Fruits Basket is what we would consider the Spring season’s most beautiful anime. The emotions we got watching Tohru about to cry in New Years was shattering. Seeing how much Kyo and Yuki care about her was absolutely heart-warming.

Even if you didn’t watch the original anime and just watch the 2019 reboot of Fruits Basket, we think that you would still greatly love the anime. Tohru’s cute and bubbly personality contrasts so well with the Soma families way of life, making us have to recommend Fruits Basket.

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