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All of us here at The Anime Index have watched a lot of different anime! Get inside our heads and check out the anime series that we can’t get enough of. Most of these anime are worth a re-watch even if you’ve already finished them. We can watch any of these anime series 100s of times. If you haven’t seen a title on this list, we highly recommend you watch it.


that time i got reincarnated as a slime index

That Time I was Reincarnated As A Slime was only released last year and is on-going. It has blown us away at The Anime Index and is a masterpiece of the Isekai (Other World) genre. This is a series we recommend to anyone and everyone.

Future Diary

The longtime favorite of us here at The Anime Index, Future Diary combines romance, mystery, blood, and gore. This series introduced the world to the lovesick queen of yandere, Yuno Gasai. We love how Future diary left us on edge and battering our emotions as Yuno tries to win the love of Yukiteru Amano.

Code Geass Banner

Code Geass is the psychological anti-hero anime that we craved after watching Death Note. Highschooler and ex-communicated royal, Lelouch, gains a new power which he uses to try and crumble the nation that outcast him. We love Code Geass for the same reasons we love Death Note and in our opinion Code Geass R2 has one of the best ending scenes in all of anime.

assassination classroom image

Remember that teacher you hate? Assassination Classroom’s plot revolves around the students of class 3-E trying to assassinate him. Regular weapons don’t work and this anime made us laugh with the funny ways class 3-E failed to kill their teacher. Assassination Classroom isn’t all humor and becomes very serious and dark at times and made us feel on edge.


Umaru chan

We watch a lot of anime and so does the main character Umaru. This is by far the most relatable anime we have ever watched.

Death Parade banner

Death Parade satisfies our love for gore and mystery. As we watched Death Parade we were constantly thinking about the actions we take in our daily lives.

Bunny Girl senpai anime

The most heart breaking anime we have ever watched. We have not cried so much watching anime since Plastic Memories.

Darker Than Black small image

We love psychological anime. Darker Than Black mixes high tense action with a good story that we can’t get enough of and rewatched many times.

Fruits Basket Anime

A beautiful story about a girl that is forced to move in with the Soma family and accept the families strange quirk of changing into Chinese zodiac animals.

Attack on Titan Scouts

You likely heard of this anime. Attack on Titan is an anime we can recommend to anime newcomers because of its simplicity and high-speed action.

No Game No Life Small Image

No Game No Life is the dream come true of every hard-core gamer. Siblings Shiro and Sora are transported to another world where everything is decided by games.

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