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Aired: Jan 9, 2015 to March 27, 2015

Author: Yuzuru Tachikawa
Genre: Psychological
Premiered: Winter 2015
Studio: Madhouse

Ever wonder where you will go when you die? Purgatory, Heaven, Hell? In Death Parade a person’s soul is judged by an arbiter. Those that die enter in pairs of two where they will be judged based on their character through various games designed to stimulate pain and bring out the true personalities of the dead.

Judging the dead in a world where Heaven and Hell don’t exist is the job of the arbiters. The reason people come in pairs is because 1 will be reincarnated while the other will be sentenced to eternal suffering.

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What We Think Of Death Parade

**Warning spoilers ahead**

Death Parade is 1 of the greatest psychological anime out there next to titles like Death Note, Another and Psycho-Pass. Death Parade doesn’t need the “3 episode rule” because right away from episode 1, Death Parade throws gore, games, and love in our faces and we get to watch as the first pair condemn each other.

The anime is even better with Chiyuki’s human perspective of judgments. She gives Decim new thoughts and insights about his judgments. Without her Death Parade would just be watching the white-haired, Decim judge the dead through cruel and disturbing death games.

The other arbiters outside Quindecim add a new perspective for the arbiters judging humans. Ginti is a complete opposite of Decim and in comparison to Decim, we wouldn’t want him judging us. The entire Death Parade anime feels like a dark and gruesome courtroom case and the audience is the jury.

Even though Death Parade is an older anime it is still 1 of the best psychological anime available. We highly recommend that you check out Death Parade.

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