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Aired: Apr 5, 2007 to Sept 27, 2008

Author: Tensai Okamura
Genre: Mystery / Action
Premiered: Spring 2007
Studio: Bones

A mysterious gate has opened 10 years ago that introduced the world to contractors, humans that have gained supernatural abilities but after using them they must do a certain action.

Among these contractors is the Black Reaper Hei, also called BK-201. Unlike other contractors, Hei does not seem to have any cost of using his powers and thus uses his powers to uncover the truth about the contractors and the mysterious gates in both South Africa and Japan.

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What We Think Of Darker Than Black

**Warning spoilers ahead**

Darker Than Black is an anime for what we would consider anime veterans. The plot of Darker Than Black is like no other and to fully understand everything in the series, we recommend that you watch the anime more than once.

Hei is a mysterious character that seems no different from your socially awkward college student. He is quiet and lives alone. Much like Code Geass, Darker Than Black uses the metaphor of a mask to differentiate between appearances. When Hei wears his reaper mask, he is the syndicate’s killer BK-201, the Black Reaper. Without his mask, he puts on the persona of a foreign exchange student that doesn’t mind helping others.

Hei is the only contractor that is shown to act on emotion, which makes him a more relatable character when compared to others in the series. This is due to the way he inherited the contract from his sister Bai, the original BK-201. The love he had for his sister adds such an emotional tone to Darker Than Black.

The entire anime has a psychological, dark mood. If you’re looking for another anime like darker than black then you should try Death Note. Despite the series darker themes, the anime still puts a lot of effort into character development especially during the flashbacks of Hei’s past. Darker Than Black is a series that we highly recommend you watch if you are into deep and thought-provoking anime titles.

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