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Of all the characters we see in anime, there are some that we can’t help but hate. The worst of the worst characters either put our waifu at risk or did something so awful that we can never forgive or forget.


These are the all-time worst and most hated anime characters we know about. They were designed to be hated and they were designed well. Each of them has left a significant impact on their own animes and anime fans long after watching the series.

Malty Melromarc face

She was given a different name at the end of season 1 for a reason.

Mello eating chocolate

The driving reason why Light lost to Near.

Shou Tucker face
Makoto Itou face

Most hateable character of any classic anime.

SAO sugou face

Remember the cage and Asuna? This is him.

Charles Zi Britannia face

The corrupt king of Brittania and Lelouch’s enemy.

Kureo Mado face

He did some insane things to the ghouls mostly because he was insane.

Danzo sharingan arm

The man behind the Uchiha massacre.

Elfen Lied Tomoo face

The dog man…What he did to the dog…

Medusa Gorgon Face

She drove the story well but she didn’t make as much of an impact as others on this list.


We don’t have very valid reasons for hating these ones. In comparison to others in their series, we just love to hate them.

Sakura Haruno Face

She’s useless.

Renge Ouran Face

She was never useful in Ouran. She was weird.

himeko momokino Citrus

Mei did it better.

Orihime Inoue Face

We don’t hate her but we don’t like her much.

Misa Amane Face

She made everything harder for Light Yagami.

satomi murano characters we hate Parasyte The Anime Index

She exists for one reason; Being garbage personified as a human.

We hope you found your waifu on our list. We will try to update this list as often as we can with the best girls of the season. Why settling for 3-D girls when you can have 2-D waifus.

We will be constantly adding to this list, so if you don’t see your waifu here wait a little bit and she might appear.

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