There are many genres of anime, and different sources may classify anime into different genres or sub-genres. Here is a list of some common genres of anime:

    1. Action: anime that feature intense and exciting fight scenes, often including elements of science fiction and fantasy.
    2. Adventure: anime that follow a character or group of characters on a journey or quest, often featuring exploration, discovery, and a sense of danger.
    3. Comedy: anime that are designed to make the audience laugh, often through the use of jokes, puns, and slapstick humor.
    4. Drama: anime that tell a serious and emotionally-engaging story, often dealing with personal relationships, social issues, and complex characters.
    5. Fantasy: anime that take place in a world of magic and/or mythical creatures, often involving a quest or adventure.
    6. Horror: anime that are designed to be frightening, often involving elements of suspense, supernatural creatures, and/or psychological horror.
    7. Mecha: anime that feature giant robots or mechanical armor, often involving intense battles or futuristic settings.
    8. Mystery: anime that involve solving a puzzle, often involving crime or other types of misdeeds.
    9. Romance: anime that focus on romantic relationships between characters, often featuring heartwarming moments and bittersweet endings.
    10. Sci-Fi: anime that take place in a science fiction setting, often involving technology, space, and futuristic concepts.
    11. Slice of Life: anime that depict the daily life and routines of the characters, often without a central plot.
    12. 12.Sports: anime that focus on a sport or athletic event, often featuring intense competition and personal growth.
    13. Supernatural: anime that feature the paranormal, ghosts, spirits and the like.
    14. Psychological: anime that focus on mental health and the inner workings of the mind.
    15. Shounen: anime targeted towards young boys, often featuring action and adventure stories.
    16. Shoujo: anime targeted towards young girls, often featuring romantic stories or coming-of-age stories.
    17. Harem: anime that feature one male character and multiple female characters who are all romantically interested in him.
    18. Yuri: anime that focuses on romantic relationship between two or more female characters
    19. Yaoi: anime that focuses on romantic relationship between two or more male characters.
    20. Isekai: anime usually with a focus on a character going to another world.

This list is not exhaustive and there are other sub-genre/sub-categories of anime too. If you want to learn more about different anime categories or find an anime in a category you enjoy check out the rest of our website. Or if you want to work out and get an anime-like physique check out our supporter Calisthentials.