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Aired: Apr 6, 2019 to June 22, 2019

Author: Ren Kawahara
Genre: Comedy / Romance
Premiered: Spring 2019
Studio: Silver Link

As a child, Ao was proud of the name her father gave her. Her name Ao meaning, A is in apple and O as in orgy. If you couldn’t tell her father is a dirty minded old man and a best selling erotica author.

Now that Ao is in high school she wants to focus on studying so she can go away for college and get as far away from the men in her life as possible. Only 1 thing is stopping her from studying, a boy.

Takumi, one of the schools most popular boys admits his feelings to Ao but her father’s dirty mind has rubbed off on her and she can’t take his gestures seriously.

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What We Think Of Ao Chan Can’t Study

**Warning spoilers ahead**

The Ao Chan Can’t Study anime is in our opinion the funniest anime airing this Spring 2019 anime season. Ao has some of the funniest monologues and her father’s advice reminds us of other pervy characters in other animes. Is Ao Chan Can’t Study worth watching? You bet.

Seeing the insane and crazy things that Ao’s father does to force dirty thoughts and indecency through Ao’s head is 1 of the funniest things in anime. He is the father that we want but would dread to have. Ao acts as if she hates all men but in reality, she never took the time to get to know anyone and instead focused on studying to get away from everyone.

Ao’s desire to study and get into a national university is what made her disconnect from others and when Takumi confesses his love for her she is so unsure of how to react and instead turns to her father. Ao doesn’t take her father’s advice seriously but watching other characters in the series read his books and use his advice to try to win Takumi is pretty ironic.

Ao Can’t Study revolves around dirty jokes, growing up socially awkward and being a slight social outcast. It is a funny and somewhat relatable anime that put a smile on our face here at The Anime Index. It is an anime we recommend you watch if you are into dirty jokes and teen love stories.

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