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The Anime Index was created as part of a class assignment in 2019. We hope to provide our users with some information about loads of different anime and manga and give our recommendations. We hope to build the site over time and provide our users with interesting reviews, ratings, and lists.

We will be keeping a blog for posts and our newest content will be on our homepage for all anime fans to see. At the current time we will be focusing on anime only content. We know that manga can go far more in-depth than anime does but right nowe we have to limit ourselves to anime only material. If you want to help us create manga and gaming content to go alongside your favorite anime titles, let us know by contacting us below.

Please contact us about any questions or concerns about:

  • Visual/Code errors
  • Pictures used
  • Art used
  • Helping/ Supporting the website
  • Suggestions / Site Recommendations

Thanks for visiting The Anime Index

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Keep up with the latest anime this season, get to know what The Anime Index thinks of each series and guides to surviving anime conventions. Our anime blog is the best way to keep up with today’s best anime.

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