Aired: Apr 6, 2019 to June 22, 2019

Author: Wakai Ken
Genre: Comedy / High School
Premiered: Spring 2019
Studio: Seven

Joshikausei is an anime short like no other. It has no voice actors or real story plot. Instead, it uses quirky sound effects with funny animated scenes to get its point across.

Joshikausei is just a cute anime short to get you through the day with a smile with its cute girls. The series is about 3 high school girls living their daily lives and each one has a different personality that clashes with the other two creating cute and funny interactions between them.

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Our Chosen Best Girl

Futo Momoko face

Futo Momoko


What We Think Of Joshikausei

**Warning spoilers ahead**

For an anime short, Joshikausei is surprisingly satisfying to watch. The lack of voice acting and reliance on sound effects and visuals make it fun to watch. It is fun to guess what crazy thing will happen next.

Admittedly we do have some criticism of Joshikausei. The anime does still have scenes where people are talking. These scenes just feel really awkward because of the lack of voice acting in the series.

Joshikausei is 1 of the cuter anime shorts airing right now in Spring 2019 and we do recommend it for a good laugh and for its overall cuteness.

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